What Is MIPS Helmet Technology – Detailed Guide

I want you to go pick your helmet and see if it has a yellow liner on the inside and a small yellow polka dot on the outside shell. If your helmet has these two things then congratulations! Your helmet has MIPS technology.

Now the question is what is MIPS technology helmet and how is it different from a regular helmet? Furthermore, a MIPS technology helmet is more expensive than a normal helmet so it is imperative that you know what is MIPS technology before you decide to widen your heart and pay for a helmet that looks just the same as any other helmet.

What Is MIPS Helmet Technology?

What Is MIPS Helmet Technology
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The thing is, anything that is expensive has an advantage over its alternatives which justifies its higher price in the market. The same goes for MIPS helmet technology. This technology has a lot of scientifically proven benefits that not only make it unique but also much safer for you in case, God forbid, you ever get yourself into a road accident.

So, in this article, I will be going on and on about all the definitions, pros, and history of MIPS technology and how it will benefit you in the long run. By the end of this article, you will be convinced to get a MIPS technology helmet for better comfort and safety!

What Is MIPS?

MIPS is short for Multi-directional Impact Protection. It is itself just a low friction layer sandwiched between the EPS foam layer and the helmet liner but the impact of this additional layer is so much greater and impactful.

This additional layer of safety is placed very ingeniously to reduce the rotational effects of the helmet. These rotational effects, if not reduced, can have very fatal effects on your well-being. In fact, these rotational effects can damage your brain, cause internal bleeding, or cause major concussions, all three of which can prove to be extremely dangerous.

How Does MIPS Work?

MIPS has been invented and designed by world-class scientists and brain surgeons who carried out extensive research on the reasons that cause brain damage, a more frequent occurrence for people who wear helmets as compared to people who don’t.

After years of research, it was concluded that the outside rotational forces and vibrations of the helmet are transferred onto the brain through the skull. The cerebrospinal fluid does not have enough resistance to reduce them. When these violent vibrations reach the brain, they have a catastrophic effect.

As a result, these vibrations damage the delicate neural system present in that area of the brain hence, the brain damage. However, the MIPS technology acts as a softener of all such vibrations and reduces the occurrence of rotational effects.

The MIPS liner is designed in such a way that it supports the most delicate parts of the skull, which are most vulnerable to these vibrations. It acts as a safety shield that hampers all such violent impacts from reaching the internal brain. Frankly speaking, any helmet that does not have MIPS technology is fatal to humans.

Does Every Brand Sell MIPS Technology Helmets?

No, not every brand sells MIPS helmets. Some have their own testing procedures to find out the rotational effects on the helmets produced under that brand. But the thing is, no helmet has a grading scale that tells you how well the helmet was able to pass all such tests. Plus, you can not know what were the standard procedures that were applied while testing the helmets.

So, you can not be sure of anything in such a case. In other words, you will be putting your own life in jeopardy. So, I would recommend you only get a MIPS technology helmet.

FAQs about MIPS Helmets

Do MIPS helmets make a difference?

Yes, MIPS helmet technology does make a huge difference and is relatively safer for you than a helmet that does not have MIPS technology. It is an extra layer that shields your brain from possible damage and bleeding that might occur due to violent frictional forces and vibrational impacts. What MIPS technology does is that it softens out the rotational waves and vibrations so that they won’t enter the brain with their intensity.

What does MIPS do in a helmet?

The best thing about MIPS is that it does not stay still. In fact, it moves with the movement of the helmet and as a result, it absorbs the harmful violent rotational vibrations of the rotational impacts. As a result, these vibrations enter the brain with a very low frequency or do not enter the brain at all.

Is MIPS actually safer?

Yes, in fact, MIPS is the definition of safety and protection. It covers the brain in all the delicate vulnerable places and absorbs the impact of all vibrational, rotational, and frictional impacts. As a result, your chances of brain damage are reduced to a much greater level than you would ever have expected.

Final Verdict on MIPS Helmet Technology

So, this was all from my side. I hope you found all this information very useful. If you did, then you must feel an obligation to spread this information to people who are still blissfully unaware of it. With that being said, I would like to conclude this discussion with a quick reminder that a MIPS, technology helmet can be identified by its yellow liner and a small dot with MIPS emblazoned on it on the outside of the helmet.

Finally, I would like to remind you that your safety comes first, So, always make sure that you get the best equipment that has passed all safety standards.

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