How Long Does it Take to Bike 10 Miles? – Detailed Answer

Honestly speaking, how long it will take to bike 10 miles does not only depend on whether you are a beginner or a professional cyclist. It includes a number of other factors as well, and you should know all of them before you set off a bike on a road.

Below in this article, I will walk you through all the factors on which the speed of the bike depends. Also, read till the end as this lowdown is gonna aid you in your journey.

How Long Does it Take to Bike 10 Miles?

How Long Does it Take to Bike 10 Miles

Although it’s not like that, being a beginner or professional doesn’t count at all. Obviously, there is a difference of strength between the newbie and the pro, but there are a lot of other factors too on which if you focus you can make your bike ride faster than before.

These factors include practice and fitness, route, weather, type of bike, etc. But first, let me tell you what’s the difference in time a pro rider and a beginner make while riding a bike for 10 miles. On average the beginner’s bike cover ten miles in 1 hour and 10 minutes. While the pro covers the distance of 10 miles in just 45 minutes and sometimes even less.

Factor Which Can Enhance Your Strength To Ride Faster

Now let’s find out the factors which can enhance your strength to ride faster.

factors which can enhance your strength to ride faster

Practice and Fitness

Have you ever heard a proverb: “practice makes a man perfect”? If so, then you would know its meaning really well. This proverb suits the best in this situation because the more you cycle the more you will make it a routine and will cover the distance in a shorter time. My friend used to cover 10 miles in 1 hour in the beginning, although he used to put in his full effort. But practice changed everything for him.

With determination and practice, he was successful in reaching ten miles in just half an hour after a month or two. But practicing alone isn’t enough, along with it you need to have a proper diet plan. Fast food and junk food not only add calories but also make you lazy. So it’s better that you take in a healthy diet and have only one cheat day in a week.


Yes, the route! Obviously, if the route you are riding the bike isn’t smooth enough and is rough and bumpy then it will definitely reduce your speed and you can’t reach your goal in a targeted time. So always choose the route which is smooth and free of bumps. Rough terrains not only damage the tires but also lower the speed in a slighter way that you will not even notice and find out the actual reason.

Also, when it comes to hilly areas, don’t get upset even after you have tried hard and still didn’t reach in time. This is because when you are going up on the hills you slow down as compared to when you travel on flat surfaces. No matter how hard you try you will definitely be slower than when you travel on a flat surface.


The weather has a huge impact on cycling. Do you know that for cycling sunny and dry days are the most preferable? But rainy days are quite a culprit to make you ride slower. No matter how good the condition of tires they will definitely slip over the wet surface. Along with rainy weather, the windy day might also hinder the speed. So before you plan to go cycling with friends don’t forget to check the weather forecast.

The Type of Bike You are Using

Make sure that the bike you are using is in its best condition like the tires should be firm, the chain of the derailleurs should be rust-free, the seat should be positioned perfectly for your comfort, the pedals should be of your choice, etc. This plays a huge role in the speed of cycling. If you are not comfortable then you are obviously going to slow down after some miles.

Final Thoughts

There is no definite answer to how long it takes to bike 10 miles as there are plenty of factors involved. But if talk in terms of newbie and professional then the newbie takes 1 hour while the pro takes 33 minutes on average. If you wanna cover 10 miles in less time then you practice more often with full determination.

Also, if it’s not about the race, then I think one should definitely enjoy the ride, look for sweet spots, embrace the wind and enjoy nature.

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