How To Transition From Balance Bike To Pedal Bike?

Is your child ready to transition from a balance bike to a paddle bike? You must have asked this question yourself when your child was riding a balance bike.

Well, going directly from balance bike to pedal bike is not only difficult for the children but also risky for them. So moving your child from training bikes to balance bikes and then towards the pedal bike is a more effective and productive method of learning how to peddle quickly and safely.

This article is a detailed guide related to the transition of your child from a balance bike to a pedal bike at just the right time so that he learns to pedal within a few days. This article tells you about the three basic signs that you should focus on and that will tell you when is the right time so that you can transition your child from a balanced bike to a pedal bike.

Transition From Balance Bike To Pedal Bike

How To Transition From Balance Bike To Pedal Bike
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We are going to elaborate in detail on the three signs that your child is ready for the transition so that you can confidently shift your child from the balance to the pedal bike and he will definitely learn paddling in a quick time. These three signs are;

  • The child has mastered riding a balanced biking.
  • They have great hand/eye control and coordination.
  • They themselves are asking you for pedal bikes.

3 Signs that your Child is Ready for Transition from Balance Bike to Pedal Bike

3 Signs to transition from balance bike to pedal bike
Signs Your Child is Ready for Transition

1. Mastering in a Balanced Biking

Mastering a balance bike involves mastering riding long distances without falling or disbalancing. If we say that our child has mastered balance biking it means that the child is able to ride on multiple types of terrains whether they are rough, tough, or smooth. Keep your attention on your child and observe whether he can ride on the up and down of a jump or not.

Look whether he can weave out and in of the obstacles and hindrances or not. And the last important thing that you have to focus on your child is whether he can get up to a mile of the distance in one go or not. If you think that your child can do all of these then it means that your child is now a master of balance biking and this is a sign that you can shift him from a balance bike to a pedal bike.

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2. Hand/Eye Control and Coordination

This is something quite complicated to know about your child but yes you have to focus on his hand and eye control and coordination movements. Look for whether he can control and balance on the balance bike while looking forward or not. Observe whether his bike is just moving here and there without any proper balance or not.

Furthermore, focus on how well he is handling the bike throughout his riding time. If you have noticed a positive response from your child and have seen that he can balance the bike properly and has great hand/eye control and coordination this means that your child is now ready to transition from a balance bike to a pedal bike.

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3. He himself is asking for a Pedal Bike

As I mentioned about the right age for a balance bike i.e. the balance bikes are more attractive for children under the age of 5, yet if your child is asking for a pedal bike and really is looking for more adventure this is a time to provide him with a good pedal bike.

You should not ignore his demand instead should look for the signs that prove he is ready for a pedal bike. It means your child has already prepared himself for the additional effort of maintaining the pedal, balance, and stability while riding. You can now give your child a pedal bike because he is mentally ready for paddling. If your little one is of more than 18 months, have a look at best balance bikes for 18 month old.

If you notice all three of these signs in your child, it’s time to transition him from a balance bike to a pedal bike.

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Watch A Video Guide on Transitioning from Balance Bike to Pedal Bike

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I teach my child to pedal after balancing?

The first thing that you have to do when you want to teach your child to pedal after balancing is to tell them to ride just the way they were riding the balance bike. Then tell them to wait until the bike comes in a smooth and steady motion. As soon as the bike comes in motion, put the feet on the pedal and start turning the pedal. Initiate with smooth movement and then regulate it.

How long do kids use balance bikes?

Although it depends on their practice and regulation, most kids can use balance bikes all through the age of 5. The balance bikes are used specifically for making your child learn how to balance on the bikes. So if your kid is 5 or under 5 years of age you should let him ride a balance bike before stepping onto the pedal ones.

Final Thoughts about Balance Bike to Pedal Bike

Before transitioning your child from a balance bike to a pedal bike, you have to make sure that he is ready for the transition. For this, you have to focus on 3 basic signs. These signs are if your child has mastered balanced biking and is having great eye/hand control and coordination.

Moreover, also look for whether your child is asking you for pedal bikes himself or not. If all of these three signs are present in your child, go with transitioning the balance bike to a pedal bike and give him a nice pedal bike, as soon as possible.

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