Best Bike Computers With Heart Rate Monitor – Review & Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best bike computer with a heart rate monitor? There are plenty of bike computers but deciding which is the best is hard. A multi-function bike computer that can provide you with every detail about your performance to the chances of rain. It gives the speed measure, maps, sophisticated display, and heart rate monitor.

Bike computers come with so many features. But not all of them are durable and provide accurate figures. So I have collected 3 devices that provide you with accurate figures, long service life, smart display, and easy-to-follow navigations. Here is a brief description of the best bike computer with a heart rate monitor.

3 Best Bike Computers With Heart Rate Monitor Review

Best Bike Computers With Heart Rate Monitor

Determining the best bike computer with a heart rate monitor is a hard task. But I collected all the perfect products all over the world. The three mentioned products are for people who want to improve their cycling skills, follow an exercise routine, or train for the national competition.

1. Garmin Edge 520 Plus Bike Computer

Best Overall

Best Bike Computers With Heart Rate Monitor



  • Screen Size: 2.3 Inches
  • Connectivity Technology: Connect IQ
  • Battery Life : 15 Hours

My first best bike computer is the Garmin Edge 520 Plus known for its countless features. It provides you with a Strava Live Segment which helps to compete with your previous best performance. You can also detect the personal records of your other partners. Moreover, it has a preloaded smart world map to help you find your way when you are in a remote area.

Cyclists often complain about the short battery duration of computers. But this device provides you with a 15 hours battery duration. So you can navigate without worrying about the computer battery. Experts designed Garmin Edge 520 Plus for the ease of bikers. So its size and weight do not cause any type of disturbance. A 0.13 lbs and 2.3 inches size of this device occupies a little space.

The smart and sophisticated display not only measures the speed of the bike and provides colored maps. But it shows you the heart rate, calories, cadence, distance, time, gears, sunset time, and so on. Now you can understand why it is considered the finest bike computer.

Anyhow, all of these features not only make your journey or training easier but also helps you to protect yourself from any disaster. Because it has a weather sensor which updates you about the rains and cyclones

Handling a cycle at a fast speed and maintaining the focus on balance is the most significant part of the practice. In such conditions, using a bike computer is hard. Because most bike computers provide you with a touch-on-screen feature. These computers can distract you while paddling fast. But the Garmin Edge 520 Plus has a buttons pad for giving commands to the computer within milliseconds.

What I liked

  • Graphic Interface
  • One year warranty
  • Lightweight

What I didn’t like

  • Complicated use.

Why I Recommended Garmin Edge 520 Plus

Nothing can compete with Garmin Edge 250 Plus because it has all the advanced features a biker needs every time. Skipping this product will be your biggest mistake. Once you use this best bike computer with a heart rate monitor, you will be addicted to it.  So, stop overthinking, buy and start using.

2. Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt GPS Bike Computer

Premium Pick

Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt GPS Bike Computer



  • Screen Size: 2.2 Inches
  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth
  • Battery Life : 15 Hours

A club? A pizza hut? A fantastic destination? This device can take you anywhere in the world. The Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt GPS Bike Computer is the most versatile product on my list. It provides you with so many different and amazing features such as its LED indicator. It helps you to detect the heart rate, speed, power, calls, emails, and texts. In simple words, you do not need to worry about checking the screen of the computer after every two minutes. Instead, it will inform you about everything with an LED indication.

Then comes its wondrous and epic design. Some bike computers come with so many features but the boring design makes them look bad. However, this bike computer has an aerodynamic design that helps the air to pass over it more easily. The aerodynamic design makes the bike computer more attractive and eye-catching. Furthermore, it is non-touchscreen, so the users can simply tap the button and use the device effortlessly.

Now you can connect the device to your phone. Not only this, but you can download a Wahoo ELEMNT app where you can access the software of the device. You can change the complicated settings, update the software and install new features. Don’t worry the app is available for android, windows, and iPhone. Plus the device allows you to zoom out and zoom in on the screen. Some devices have bad screens in the sunlight. But this device provides you with a brightening and perfect screen.

This device makes you unstoppable. It can work in the rain or humid environments. Because this device is waterproof and allows you to take it anywhere. High-quality material and excellent performance will clear your path to success. In addition, the device provides you with a long battery duration of 15 hours. Yes, it is more than enough, so you can go to any place around the town or off-road trip

What I liked

  • Attractive design
  • Durable product
  • Easy to use

What I didn’t like

  • Uncolored interface

Why I Recommended Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt GPS Bike Computer

Easy to manage, inexplicable features, amazing design, high-quality material, and app connection makes this device the best bike computer with a heart rate monitor. It not only works as a GPS device but also provides you with mental ease. There is no excuse left for skipping Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt GPS Bike Computer.

3. Garmin Edge 1030 Bundle

Top Pick

Garmin Edge 1030 Bundle



  • Screen Size: 3.5 Inches
  • Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ANT+
  • Battery Life: 20 Hours

My last recommendation for you is a product that is above all the other bike computers. Say hello to the Garmin Edge 1030 Bundle. This device is a masterpiece because it not only provides you with longer and stronger rides but also enables you to keep an eye on your physiological changes. Of course, this device has a high-quality heart rate monitor, cadence, and power. If you were searching for a fast and perfect interface multi-function device, then you should go for this computer.

The wide screen and colored interface allow you to check out the speed, gears, and other figures such as heart rate. The 3.5 inches screen helps you to see the sunlight. Some expensive computers cannot bear sunlight and turn off because of heat. But this device is exceptional, it has a protective cover that keeps the machine working, no matter what the outer circumstances are.

Well, you can connect your phone to the computer via Bluetooth and receive notifications on the device. You can text, send emails, and even can connect your computer with the other computer. Plus, you can also download different apps such as Connect IQ and others for updating or finding a network of bikers around you. This device provides three ways to the destination and also notifies you if are deviating from the path.

This computer possesses a matchless battery duration of 20 hours. But here comes the twist, this device provides 40 hours of battery duration with an optional Garmin Charge power pack. Probably you are thinking that the battery is heavyweight. But the answer is, no, the item weight is incredibly less, approximately 4.8 ounces.

What I liked

  • Lightweight
  • Long duration battery
  • Widescreen

What I didn’t like

  • Price

Why I Recommended Garmin Edge 1030 Bundle

All the above and its other countless features are evidence that the Garmin Edge 1030 Bundle is the best bike computer with a heart monitor. From design to performance and durability to accuracy, this device is perfect in all aspects. Do not waste the opportunity, go, buy and use it instead of wasting time.

Buying Guide to Choose Best Bike Computer With Heart Rate Monitor

Bike computers are pretty expensive. When it comes to the best bike computer with a heart monitor you should pay extra attention to the features. Brands try to sell their products. They are concerned with money instead of useful must-have features. So, here is a guide for you to buy a quality product with useful features you always consider while buying a bike computer. Let’s take a look.

Buying Guide For Best Bike Computer With A Heart Rate Monitor

1. Display Computer

The most significant feature a bike computer should have is a good display. The bike computer brands manufacture two types of displays: touchscreen displays and non-touchscreen displays. The touch displays take a little longer compared to the non-touch displays. On the other hand, the non-touchscreen displays need a command through the button and the computer will execute.

2. Friendly Interface

The essential function of every bike computer is to provide details about the bike and biker. The computer shows the information on the screen. But some computers provide a complicated interface that is hard to use. Also, consider the brightness of the display. If the user is unable to see the display in the sunlight, then the computer is useless.

3. Battery Duration

The third important feature you should always consider is a long-duration battery. The best bike computer with a heart rate monitor provides approximately 10 hours of battery duration. Moreover, it should have a fast battery charge feature. A Long duration battery not only helps in remote areas but also supports you when you are unable to charge it daily.

4. The Device Sensors

Some people use chest straps for measuring heart rate. The computer comes with multiple or single straps that you attach to your body. These chest straps provide information to the computer and it shows you on the screen. But we are living in the most advanced era, 21st century. So, we have made some sensors that monitor your heart rate. I will always recommend sensors instead of belts, straps, or cords.

5. The Price of The Device

People think that quality products are always expensive. But as a matter of fact, the quality products could be cheaper and more reliable. The prices of bike computers depend on various brands. If you are a trainee who wants to compete in the national race of the year. Then you should go for a high-quality, graphic interface bike computer with different other features such as heart rate or power monitor. Such devices are a little expensive. But the nongraphic, simple interface and minimal features of the computer are cheaper and made for travelers.

6. Easy To Install

The bike computers which come with long cords and stands are hard to install. Always go for easy-to-install bike computers. Here you should also focus on the holder. Check out the holder of the computer and bike. Because sometimes weak holders are unable to keep the device in their grip. Then comes the update ability and new feature installation. Always choose a product that is able to update over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bike computers worth it?

Yes, bike computers provide plenty of crucial information regarding speed, cadence, weather, heart rate, maps, etc. Bike computers are extremely helpful for trainees and people who are improving their cycling skills.

Do I need a cadence on my bike computer?

The cadence sensors are crucial if you are on a workout routine. These sensors help you to measure cadence because they inform you about the energy output in form of rotation.

Can you use your phone as a cycling computer?

Yes, you can use your phone as a bike computer by downloading the app “Jepster”. This app provides you with all the information. if you attach chest straps with the mobile you can also measure the heart rate.

Do you need sensors for a bike computer?

The bike computer sensors work for the bike as human senses help us to detect taste or smell. These sensors take the outer information, measure it and then show it on the screen. Without sensors, you cannot measure speed, cadence, humidity level, and heart rate.

Conclusion of Bike Computers With Heart Rate Monitor Review

The bike computers also have other features such as music, virtual goals, and a GPS tracker. In simple words, these computers provide you with all the information from your bike skills to the chances of rain. So, installing a bike computer is a good decision. But choosing the best one is very hard. The brands try to trick you by showing fake and useless features.

To protect you from all those filthy trickers and money waste, I gathered the finest bike computers. You can choose one of them but if you are still confused then here is my best bike computer with a heart rate monitor.

  1. Garmin Edge 1030 Bundle, is best because of its long duration battery, graphic interface, easy installation, and provide brightening display in sunlight.
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