How Does a Balance Bike Work?

A balance bike is simply a bike without pedals. It is the best way to teach your kids how to ride a bike without depending on training wheels. One of the best aspects of using the balance bike is that right from the beginning, your kid will try to maintain balance while riding on the bike.

Furthermore, you should teach your kids how to ride a balance bike properly in order to prepare them for the actual bike ride. Keep reading to learn how do balance bikes work!

How Does a Balance Bike Work? – Detailed Guide

How does a Balance Bike Work?
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Riding a balance bike is one of the most effective and revolutionary methods to teach your kid how to ride a bike without attaching training wheels.

The major benefit of riding a bike without attaching training wheels is that the children learning to ride the bike maintain a proper balance and as a result have a faster learning rate and fewer falls.

Furthermore, children learning to ride a bike by using the balance bike method gain a better experience than the traditional bike learning method. Read a detailed guide to transition from balance bike to pedal bike.

Balance Bike Working Mechanism

As balance bike has no pedals, the children learn to figure out how to find a proper balance by pushing themselves with their feet along with the ground. Once your kid has demonstrated in a better way how to maintain the balance on the bike, they are now prepared to ride the pedaled bike properly without any damage. You may also want to know about the right age to start riding a bike.

Can you Remove Pedals to Make a Balance Bike?

Yes, it is possible to remove the pedals from a regular bicycle to convert it into a balance bike. A balance bike is a type of bicycle that does not have pedals or training wheels and is designed to help young children learn to balance and steer before transitioning to a regular pedal bike.

To convert a regular bicycle into a balance bike, you will need some basic tools like a wrench or an adjustable spanner. Here’s a step-by-step guide to remove pedals:

1. Start by turning the bike upside down and securing it in a stable position.

2. Use the wrench or adjustable spanner to remove the pedals from the crank arms. The crank arms are the parts of the bicycle that connect the pedals to the frame. Turn the pedals counterclockwise to unscrew them from the crank arms.

4. Once the pedals are removed, you can store them in a safe place in case you want to reattach them later.

5. Double-check that both crank arms are free from any obstructions and that there are no sharp edges exposed.

6. Turn the bike back over and adjust the seat height if necessary. The child should be able to sit comfortably on the seat with their feet flat on the ground.

How to ride regular bike as a balance bike?

For teaching this method to your kids, you need to collect certain safety items for them like Giro kids helmet, elbow pads knee pads, and bike gloves. Keep reading to read a step by step guide to ride a regular bike as a balance bike.

How to ride regular bike as a balance bike?
Guide to Ride Regular Bike as Balance Bike

1. Remove the Pedals

The first and foremost step in the case of using the regular bike is to remove the pedals from it. In case, you don’t want to remove the pedals of a regular bike, you can choose balance bike for 5 years old.

2. Lower down the seat according to child height

After that, lower down the seat until the kid’s feet touch the ground.

3. Draw the lines for your kid to ride

Draw the lines and ask your kid to push himself by following the lines as per the guidance.

4. Challenge them to ride without touching feet on the ground

Once they have got the technique, now the next step is to challenge them to try coasting without touching their feet on the ground. As soon as your kid successfully coasts 25 feet about 2 to 5 times, he is now ready to ride a pedaled bicycle.

After that, once your kid starts riding on a pedaled bike, make sure that the seat is set at a certain height so that the knees are not hitting the chest. However, they should easily be able to touch the ground easily and quickly with their feet.

Moreover, before practicing the pedaled bike, make sure that your kid should know how to apply the brakes. Holding the back of the seat can help your kid to maintain his balance while pedaling. Moreover, let go of the seat as soon as you feel them pulling away.

If you’re confused to choose between tricycle and balance bike, have a look at balance bike vs tricycle comparison.

FAQs about Balance Bike Method

Is a balance bike just a bike without pedals?

A balance bike is just like an ordinary bike without pedals. The main function of this bike is to teach your kids how to maintain a proper balance while riding a bike. Kids move this bike by pushing while sitting on the seat. They further stop and slow down the bike by simply pressing and dragging their feet on the ground.

Does a toddler need a helmet for a balance bike?

Wearing a helmet offers high protection to your kid or toddler and keeps them safe while riding on the balance bike, roller skating, or scooter.

Read a detailed guide comparison of balance bike vs scooter

Can you add pedals to a balance bike?

You can easily add the pedals to a balance bike that is equipped with the attachment. Furthermore, these pedals are added only if your kid learns to maintain a proper balance while riding on the bike.

You may also be interested to read about balance bikes for 18 months old.

Conclusion Balance Bike Working Mechanism

A balance bike is like an ordinary bike without pedals. Using this bike for your kids is the best way to make them learn how to ride a bike while maintaining proper balance without depending upon training wheels.

Furthermore, by using the balance bike method, you can teach your kids proper techniques to ride a bike quickly without the risk of falling. Once they successfully coast the bike 3 to 5 times, they are now prepared to ride a pedaled bike properly.

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