How To Clean Non Removable Helmet Liner?

How to clean non removable helmet liner? A helmet liner is the main part of the helmet that plays a vital role in soaking up all the sweat from your head while riding. If it wasn’t the case, then all that sweat would slide down the sides of the helmet making it all very uncomfortable for you.

However, it also means that all that sweat accumulates inside the helmet liner making it stink bad after a few uses. It also promotes a very unhealthy environment for your head because damp dark places provide ideal survival conditions for harmful bacterial infestations.

So, it is imperative that you properly clean up the helmet liners at least every week. Now, there are two types of helmet liners. Some are removable and some are non-removable. Let’s discuss the clean-up of non-removable helmet liners in this article.

How To Clean Non Removable Helmet Liner?

How To Clean Non Removable Helmet Liner
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Before we get started, let me warn you beforehand that helmet liners are well insulated which is why it takes a lot of time to dry out completely. So, you will have to be very patient and let the liners dry out completely before you use them. With that being said, let’s get started! Also you can read about MIPS helmet technology.

6 Steps To Clean Non Removable Helmet Liner

How To Clean Non Removable Helmet Liner
Steps To Clean Non Removable Helmet Liner

Step# 01. Remove removable parts of helmet

First of all, you need to remove all the removable parts from your helmet. It could be the shield, the helmet visor, or any other part that can be easily detached from your helmet.

Step# 02. Take a large tub and fill it with lukewarm water

Then, take a large tub and half-fill it with lukewarm water, and dissolve a small amount of mild detergent or baby shampoo in the water.

Step# 03. Dip the helmet in water

Now, dip the helmet in the water and let the water soak up in the helmet liners.

Step# 04. Start cleaning the liners

After a few minutes, start cleaning the liners using your hands or a small wet towel. Don’t be too harsh with the cleaning up otherwise you may end up damaging the liners completely.

Step# 05. Let the soapy water out of liners

Once you are done, let the soapy water out of the liners using plenty of water.

Step# 06. Place helmet in a ventilated space

Then, place the helmet in a fully ventilated space so that warm air can naturally dry out the liners. It may take a day or two.

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FAQs about Bike Helmet Liner

What is a non removable helmet liner?

A non removable helmet liner refers to the inner padding or cushioning material inside a helmet that cannot be easily detached or removed for cleaning.

Why is it important to clean a non-removable helmet liner?

Cleaning the non-removable helmet liner is important for maintaining hygiene, eliminating unpleasant odors, and prolonging the lifespan of the helmet. Regular cleaning can also help remove sweat, dirt, and bacteria that may accumulate over time.

How often should I clean my non-removable helmet liner?

It is recommended to clean your non-removable helmet liner at least once every few months, depending on frequency of use and level of perspiration.

Can I wash a non removable helmet liner in a washing machine?

No, it is not advisable to wash a non-removable helmet liner in a washing machine as it may damage the padding or alter its shape. The machine’s agitation can also affect the integrity of the liner.

Can I remove the helmet liner to clean it if it’s non removable?

In most cases, it is not recommended to attempt removing the non-removable helmet liner. The liner is typically designed to be permanently attached to the helmet, and trying to remove it may result in damage to the liner or compromise the helmet’s structural integrity.

How can I prevent the non removable helmet liner from getting dirty?

To prevent excessive dirt and sweat buildup on your non-removable helmet liner, consider wearing a thin skull cap or headband underneath the helmet. These can absorb sweat and can be easily washed or replaced. Regularly airing out the helmet after use and storing it in a clean, dry place can also help minimize odors and maintain hygiene.

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Final Thoughts about Helmet Liner Cleaning

So, this was all from my side. I hope you understood all the steps in detail without much difficulty. Just make sure that you do not scrub the liners too harshly because doing so may damage the surface of the liners or harm their insulation properties.

Plus, don’t use artificial dryers to fasten the drying process because the insulated liners won’t let the heat enter instead, the liners may lose their insulation properties due to outside heating agents. Besides, make sure that you don’t put the helmet under direct sunlight as well.

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