Hope Tech 3 E4 vs V4 Brakes Comparison: Which One is Better?

The popularity of Hope brakes is not hidden from anyone whether it is their Tech 3 or the Tech 4 brakes all manufactured to serve different purposes. Coming across their Tech 3 brakes, you may find yourself asking which one is better, the e4 or the v4. For this, I have come up with a Hope Tech 3 e4 vs v4 brakes comparison so you can choose the one suitable for your type of bike riding.  

Of course, you cannot just go and purchase any brake type for every kind of biking. Some brakes are better off with downhill riding. While others are best for enduro racing. Similarly, you need to check if the Hope Tech 3 E4 brakes are compatible with your bike riding style or the Hope Tech V4 brakes.

Hope Tech 3 E4 vs V4 Brakes – Detailed Comparison

Hope Tech 3 E4 vs V4 Brakes Comparison

Before starting with their comparison, let’s talk about the basic difference between an e4 and a v4.

What is Hope Tech 3 E4 Brake?

Simply put, it is a Tech 3 lever that is matched with the E4 caliper. It has four pistons and assists in providing more power than needed from trail to all-mountain riding.

What is Hope Tech 3 V4 Brake?

On the other hand, when Tech 3 lever is matched with the V4 caliper. V4 is also a four-piston caliper but it is better for e-bikes, downhill, enduro, and other types of MTB bikes.

As you’ve understood the basic difference between an e4 and a v4 brake, let us move on to its comparison.

Hope Tech V4 vs 3 E4 Brakes Comparison

Tech 3 E4 Brakes

  • E4 brakes are more for enduro and trail riding than going downhill. They have low speed. Plus, the e4 Pads have a large surface area.
  • The E4 brakes have a genuine bite point.
  • There is no need for tools for Hope Tech 3 e4 adjustment.
  • Besides, you will find the Shimano i-Spec A shifters compatible with the Tech 3 and there is no need for an adapter.
  • A one-piece caliper also comes with an e4 brake that is CNC-machined (of forged 2014 T6 aluminum alloy).
  • Top leading pads are there for more ease and the DOT fluid system comes already bled.
  • Anodized brakes increase their durability.
  • E4 can fit numerous rotors including 160mm, 180mm, 183mm, 200mm, and 203mm.
  • If we talk about the performance of e4, the lever feels firm and the action is smooth and consistent.
  • In addition, they cannot grab that instantly as many other brakes do, but this allows you to feed the braking power with fewer unintentional wheel lockups, particularly in technical riding.
  • When you are going on long and steep descents, e4 appears hard on the forearms.
  • Reasonable price compared to other brands’ brakes with low weight as well.
  • Bleeding the e4 brakes is extremely simple.
  • You can get shifter adaptors and diversity in brake pad materials.

Hope Tech 3 V4 Brakes

  • The tech 3 v4 brakes have a solid caliper and braided hoses. This type has more to do with downhill biking and speeding.
  • The bleeding process is relatively easy to follow with good modulation.
  • You can bolt the Shimano I-spec A directly with the lever body and can also get adapters for other Shimano mounts.
  • It also allows easy lever reach adjustment and bite point adjustment.
  • The adjusters are easy to access and tool-free. But, you will observe resistance when you screw in or out of the lever blade.
  • The lever also has a spring that returns it to its neutral position and has a stiff feel.
  • You get six different colors in these brakes.
  • Coming to the performance of V4 brakes, their large lever and caliper give a great deal of power on almost all trails if you use the stock pads.
  • The feed-in of power is very smooth initially instead of full of bite. This makes it easy to scrub. Then a linear progression is there in the brake’s power when you squeeze the lever.
  • V4 brakes are compatible with rotors ranging from 180mm-220mm.
  • V4 has a top entry pad fitting.

I have summed up everything you needed to know in this Hope tech 3 e4 vs v4 brakes comparison. Still, got questions? Do not forget to read some more questions I have answered down below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between hope E4 and V4 brakes?

In simple words, an E4 is a four-piston brake that provides more power than needed from trail to all-mountain riding. On the other hand, a V4 is also a four-piston caliper but it is better for e-bikes, downhill, enduro, and e-bikes.

Are hope’s E4 and V4 pads the same?

The V4 pads are longer than the E4 ones. Also, E4 has dark colored backing compared to the V4.

Are Hope V4 brakes good?

Indeed they are. The V4 brakes feel more like enduro or downhill brakes on that front. This makes V4 brakes the ideal choice for riders who prefer more power in addition to a light lever throw.

Do hope brakes use mineral oil?

You cannot use every brand’s mineral oil for Hope brakes. Only use the oil from Hope. If you by any chance use some other random mineral oil, it can destroy the seals present in the lever and caliper.

Final Thoughts on Hope Tech E4 vs V4 Comparison

If you are fond of enduro or trail riding, I would suggest going for the e4 brakes. For downhill folks, v4 is the best option to go with. With some manufacturers, you might not get new parts for your bike and replace them with the old ones, instead, you have to purchase a whole new product which can be costly sometimes. But, with Hope, you can even get replaceable bolts in addition to different parts and seals.

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