7 Best Glasses for Night Cycling and Mountain Biking

Are you a cyclist trying to find the best glasses for night cycling? Well, you are at the right place because the following guide can help you choose the most suitable glasses for night cycling. Below I have reviewed the seven best glasses for cycling at night.

Cycling is an adventurous sport, therefore, it requires safety precautions to avoid risks of serious injuries, especially during mountain biking. Because if mountain bike rider does not wear safety glasses during mountain biking, the dust particles can get into your eyes and result in serious eye injury.

At the same time, it can be hard to ride a bike at night and can be dangerous for the cyclist who does not take proper safety precautions. Therefore, the following glasses will help you while riding a bike at night by providing clear vision and safety against eye infections and dust. Let’s have a look at best glasses for night cycling.

Best Glasses For Night Cycling and Mountain Biking Overview

Best Overall Best Overall Giro Tempo Dirt Cycling Goggles
  • Best For: Cycling
  • Frame: EXV Technology Frame
  • Lens Material: True sight Polycarbonate
Check Latest Price
Premium Pick Premium Pick ROCKBROS Photochromic Glasses
  • Best For: MTB and Road Biking
  • Frame Material: TR90+PC
  • Lens : HD Photochromic lens
Check Latest Price
Top Pick Top Pick KAPVOE Photochromic Glasses
  • Best For: Mountain Biking
  • Frame: Myopia Frame
  • Lens: Photochromic Lens
Check Latest Price
Editor’s Choice Editor’s Choice ROCKBROS Cycling Glasses
  • Best For : Men and Women MTB Riders
  • Frame : Frameless Construction
  • Lens Material: Photochromic Technology Intelligent Lens
Check Latest Price
Heavy Duty Heavy Duty Tifosi Intense Glasses
  • Best For: All Types of Cycling
  • Frame Material: Grilamid TR-90 Nylon
  • Lens Material: Fototec photochromic shatterproof lens
Check Latest Price
COMAXSUN Night Cycling Glasses
  • Best For: Road and MTB Rides
  • Frame Material: Rubber
  • Lens Material: Photochromic
Check Latest Price
Budget Friendly Budget Friendly NoCry Safety Glasses with Anti Fog Lenses
  • Best for: Cycling and DIY activities
  • Frame Material: Rubber
  • Lens : Polycarbonate and Anti-fog
Check Latest Price

Top 7 Best Glasses for Night Cycling and MTB Riding Review

Best Glasses for Night Cycling and Mountain Biking
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Before diving into our comprehensive review of the 7 best glasses for night cycling and MTB riding, I understand the paramount importance of eye protection during these thrilling activities.

These specialized glasses not only enhance visibility and reduce glare but also shield cyclist’s eyes from potential hazards, ensuring a safe and enjoyable adventure on the trails or roads after the sunsets. So, let’s explore the finest options available to elevate your night bike riding experience to new heights!

1. Giro Tempo Glasses for Night Cycling

Best Overall

Giro Tempo Glasses for Night Cycling



  • Anti-Fog Coating
  • True sight Polycarbonate Lens with Expansion View (EXV) Technology
  • Supervent foam

Giro Tempo are the best glasses for night cycling. The well-known US-based outdoor products company i.e. Giro has manufactured these glasses. Giro Tempo is among the most used glasses for bike riding at night.

Giro Tempo glasses weigh around 0.47 lbs. The dimensions of these glasses are 8 x 5 x 5 inches. These glasses usually comes in black, red, lime, and blue color.

The company manufactured the first model of these glasses in 2009. The highlighting advantage of these glasses is that they are Unisex, so both males and females can wear them.

Furthermore, Giro Tempo glasses come with an anti-fog coated lens which makes it easier to clean them and provides a clear vision. It comes with a grip strap that gives more comfort and safety to a cyclist.

Moreover, Giro Tempo glasses consist of an expansion view technology that enhances your sight at the peripherals. Also, these glasses contains a polycarbonate lens.

Polycarbonate lenses are more durable and provide protection to your eyes. They also have an over-the-glasses protection technology that provides more sharp and clear vision. Also have a look at best Giro bike helmets.

What I liked

  • Expansion view technology
  • Over-the-glasses protection technology
  • Anti-fog coated lens

What I didn’t like

  • Expensive

Why I Recommended Giro Tempo Dirt MTB Goggles

If you do not want to compromise on the quality and performance of the glasses, then Giro Tempo glasses are best for you. These glasses are durable and lightweight, containing an anti-fog-coated lens and advanced technologies to protect your eyes. Though they are a little expensive than other night cycling glasses but they are worth every penny.

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2. ROCKBROS Photochromic Night Cycling Glasses

Premium Pick

ROCKBROS Photochromic Night Cycling Glasses



  • Polycarbonate lens
  • Non-Polarized

Although the glasses from Giro have many advantages but they are expensive. Therefore, I present to you the second best night cycling glasses!

ROCKBROS is also one of the famous retailing companies for selling bicycle accessories. They have manufactured a variety of safety glasses for fishing, cycling, and other outdoor activities.

As mentioned in the name, these glasses from ROCKBROS are photochromic. Each pair of glasses come in double shades. There are three colors of these glasses. One is black-green, the other is black-blue, and the third is black-red.

The company launched the first model of these glasses in the year 2017. They come with a rubber frame which makes them skin friendly and reduces the pressure on your face. The significant advantage of using these glasses is that they are non-polarized, making it easy for you to ride a bike at night.

You can also use them in the sunlight as well as at night. Their lens consists of polycarbonate and is very convenient to use. Furthermore, they come with a UV protective coating so that one can use them in daytime without facing any hurdles due to the harmful sun rays.

The features of these glasses include a photochromic lens that changes according to the intensity of UV rays. They consist of an adjustable anti-slip nose pad and a curve design to reduce air resistance. You can use them for both indoor and outdoor activities.

What I liked

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • UV protective coating

What I didn’t like

  • Not dark enough

Why I Recommended ROCKBROS Photochromic Glasses

If you want affordable night cycling glasses with UV protection and lightweight, I will suggest you to get ROCKBROS photochromic glasses. Although they have many advantages, these glasses sometimes fail to get dark enough during the changing intensity of UV rays.

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3. KAPVOE Photochromic MTB Glasses

Top Pick

KAPVOE Photochromic MTB Glasses



  • UV Protection Coating
  • Non-Polarized
  • Glass lens

These are another best photochromic glasses for night mountain biking. KAPVOE is a well-known company that sells cycling equipment, including glasses. These are one of the latest manufactured eye safety glasses for cycling.

KAPVOE Photochromic MTB Glasses consist of glass and non-polarized lenses. The photochromic technology used in these glasses protects your eyes from brightness by changing from light to dark color according to the intensity of sunlight.

Moreover, they come with a UV protection and mirror coating. The coated lenses avoid the risks of the entrance of harmful rays and dust particles into your eyes.

Furthermore, these glasses are comfortable because they have a rubber nose pad and legs. This feature helps in wearing them for a long time. The package consists of the glasses, a small fabric for cleaning the glasses, a myopia frame, minimal glasses bag, and a glasses rope.

What I liked

  • Comfortable
  • Photochromic
  • UV protection

What I didn’t like

  • Little photochromic color

Why I Recommended KAPVOE Photochromic Sunglasses

The package includes extra accessories with the glasses at an affordable price. These glasses have a little photochromic color and sometimes fail to provide comfort when you wear them with the downhill MTB helmet. Besides these two drawbacks, they have many advantages that make them one of the best glasses for night mountain biking. Also read a detailed answer about can you ride mountain bikes on the road

4. ROCKBROS Cycling Glasses for Night

Editor’s Choice

ROCKBROS Cycling Glasses for Night



  • Photochromic lens
  • Non-Polarized
  • Composite frame

The glasses from KAPVOE have little photochromic color. Therefore, I present you the glasses with a more photochromic shade. These glasses are from ROCKBROS, which is a well-known Chinese retailing company.

ROCKBROS cycling glasses consist of a photochromic lens and a composite frame. It comes in five different colors with double shades. They are not only light in weight but also provide more safety, comfort, and protection to your eyes.

Apart from mountain biking, you can also use them for fishing, skiing, and many other outdoor activities. The lens of these glasses is 2.56 inches wide, providing more safety against harmful rays and dust particles. A thin-shaped frame will help you focus on the peripheral vision to make your view sharp and clear enough.

ROCKBROS cycling glasses come with a soft rubber nose pad that prevents the glasses from slipping off. The latest technology used in the lens of these glasses makes them adjustable to light. Furthermore, these lenses contain an anti-scratch technology that makes them worth buying.

What I liked

  • Comfortable
  • Photochromic
  • UV protection

What I didn’t like

  • Not fog resistant

Why I Recommended ROCKBROS Cycling Glasses

The composite frame and photochromic technology used in these glasses make them best for cyclists at night. Although they have many features, they do not come with anti-fog technology. It can be hard to wear them in cold weather because of the appearance of fog on the lenses.

If you like to bike ride in rainy weather, make sure to wear cycling rain cape poncho

5. Tifosi Intense Glasses for Night Bike Riding

Heavy Duty

Tifosi Intense Sunglasses



  • Polycarbonate lens
  • Non-Polarized

As mentioned above, the cycling glasses from ROCKBROS do not come with anti-fog technology. Therefore they can be unsuitable to use in winter. Tifosi Optics is a small company that manufactures various opticals. The company launched the first model of these glasses for cyclists in 2009.

Tifosi Intense Cycling Glasses are available in six different colors and three sizes. The width of the lens of these glasses is approximately 64.5 mm. Furthermore, the nose bridge is 12 mm and the arms are 116 mm in length. Nylon makes the frame of these glasses more durable and long lasting.

They come with rubber legs and polycarbonate, non-polarized lenses. Moreover, the lens consist of anti-scratch technology and prevent the glasses from scratching and make them durable.

The vented lenses eliminate the appearance of fog on your glasses. They are best to use for night cycling in winter because of the photochromic feature in their lenses. Also have a look at winter mountain biking gloves.

What I liked

  • Anti-fog technology
  • Non-polarized
  • Anti-scratch technology

What I didn’t like

  • Bit pricey

Why I Recommended Tifosi Intense Glasses

Though Tifosi Intense Cycling Glasses have many advantages, including lightweight, anti-fog, and anti-scratch technology but they can be a little pricey. If you can afford them, then you should purchase them because they are best suitable glasses for night bike riding. As a mountain biker, you may also be looking for best summer MTB gloves.

6. COMAXSUN Glasses – Best Budget Mountain Bike Glasses

COMAXSUN Cycling Glasses for Men Women



  • Photochromic lens

The intense sunglasses from Tifosi can be a little pricey. Therefore, the sixth glasses presented to you are extremely budget-friendly. They come in four different colors with double shades and have universal size that is adjustable for everyone. These cycling glasses contain a plastic lens.

They weigh around 0.37 lbs. and their length is 7.09 inches, width is 3.7 inches, and height is 2.72 inches. They have a photochromic and UV protection lens and are lightweight. Adjustable nose pads and ventilation air holes make them worth buying. They contain a flexible frame that does not break easily.

They contain a myopia frame, grip straps, and a temple rope to protect your eyes. These are used for multi purposes because they provide durability and comfort to the person. The interesting thing about these glasses is that the frame of these glasses resists stress, and you can use them for tough and long work.

What I liked

  • Lightweight
  • Stress resistant
  • Photochromic

What I didn’t like

  • Not fog resistant

Why I Recommended COMAXSUN MTB Glasses

You can use these glasses without facing any hurdles with the intensity of light in moderate temperatures. Although they have stress-resistant technology, they can not block the fog and can be harder to wear in cold weather because the fog will appear on the glasses and blur your vision. For elbow protection during night cycling, make sure to wear best elbow pads for mountain biking.

7. NoCry Safety Glasses with Anti Fog Lenses

Budget Friendly

NoCry Safety Glasses with Anti Fog Lenses



  • Superior UV Protection
  • Adjustable Design

NoCry is a well-known outdoor products company from Taiwan and has manufactured many tools and gears. These are the most affordable safety glasses with more latest features at a low price.

NoCry glasses weigh around 0.06 lbs. and their dimensions are 10 x 5.78 x 1.9 inches and consist of a rubber frame and a polycarbonate lens. Moreover, they protect your eyes from 90% to 100% harmful rays, including UV radiation.

Also you can customize your glasses according to your comfort and fit. Features of these glasses include their anti-fog and scratch-resistant technology and they also come with a warranty.

Furthermore, they come with an adjustable nose pad and arms, making them easier to fit. The wrap-around design of these glasses protects you from all angles.

What I liked

  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-fog technology

What I didn’t like

  • Not long-lasting

Why I Recommended NoCry Safety Glasses

Although they are the most suitable safety glasses with less price but aren’t durable. They might break faster compared to the other expensive safety glasses. They are the best safety glasses for such a price with a warranty, adjustable features, and the latest technologies.

FAQs about Night MTB Rides

Are photochromic lenses suitable for night riding?

You can use photochromic lenses at night because they change their color from dark to light depending on the light intensity. They also protect your eyes from harmful rays.

Are polarized glasses suitable for night mountain biking?

Although polarized glasses can be helpful for mountain biking during the daytime, they are not suitable for night mountain biking. Non-polarized glasses are the best for mountain biking at night.

Are fog-resistant glasses required for mountain hiking?

One should wear fog-resistant glasses whether it’s day or night. Not wearing anti-fog glasses in cold weather can cause serious injuries. Therefore, I recommend you wear glasses with fog-resistant lenses.

Are safety glasses expensive?

Some of the safety glasses are expensive because they provide more protection with the latest technologies, but many brands are manufacturing budget-friendly safety glasses.

Conclusion of Night MTB Glasses Review

The above guide contains the seven best glasses for night mountain biking and their features, pros, and cons. You can easily choose the most suitable glasses according to your needs and budget. Night riding is not an easy task. Therefore, riders should take proper precautions to avoid any injuries.

The nigh cycling glasses mentioned in this guide are the top-rated among cyclists. For further clarity, I recommend the following top three best glasses from the above guide.

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