Best Bike Racks For Volvo XC90

Bike racks have made transportation easier for two-wheel lovers! If you’re searching for the best bike rack for Volvo XC90, stick to this fruitful article where I decided to share the topmost Volvo XC90 bike racks. The finest bike rack for SUVs features wide compatibility, effortless installation, a reliable locking mechanism, foldable and maneuverable design, and affordability. Purposely, the bike racks ensure the transport of cycles and motorbikes without risking protection.

Volvo XC90 is a terrific vehicle for travelers and off-roaders for its heavy-duty performance. If you’re planning to leave for an adventurous trip, cycling is a must-do activity that will put intense joy into the experience. For that purpose, you can hold the cycle or bike using the racks to your vehicle and live a dreamy journey. Scroll down to see the options:

Best Bike Racks For Volvo XC90 Overview

Best Overall Best Overall Kuat Bike Rack
  • Vehicle Service Type: Van
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Load Capacity: 80 lbs.
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Premium Pick Premium Pick Thule Bike Hitch Rack
  • Material: Metal
  • Load Capacity: 75 lbs.
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Top Pick Top Pick Leader Accessories Bike Rack
  • Vehicle Service Type: Minivan, SUV, Truck
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Load Capacity: 140 lbs.
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Best Seller Best Seller WEIZE Hitch Bike Rack
  • Vehicle Service Type: Passenger Car, Bicycle, Trailer
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Load Capacity: 120 lbs.
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Heavy Duty Heavy Duty Allen Sports 2-Bike Hitch Rack
  • Vehicle Service Type: Bicycle
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Load Capacity: 70 lbs.
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Budget Friendly Budget Friendly Vibrelli Electric Bike Rack
  • Vehicle Service Type: Passenger Car, SUV
  • Material: Metal
  • Load Capacity: 130 lbs.
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6 Best Bike Racks For Volvo XC90 Review

Best Bike Racks For Volvo XC90

1. Kuat Bike Rack

Best Overall

Best Bike Rack For Volvo XC90



  • Great build quality
  • Highly resistant
  • Tool-free installation

The first choice on this list is the Kuat bike rack which features great construction quality. This bike rack is made of industrial-grade aluminum that boasts utmost durability, stability, strength, and resistance against external impact factors. The main benefit of relying on aluminum rather than any other metal is its lightweight and rustproof properties. In a few words, I found the Kuat aluminum rack an everlasting and reliable product.

The Kuat bike rack comes in the following dimensions: 45 x 15 x 12 inches and it weighs no more than 32 pounds. This lightweight and easily maneuverable bike rack is best suited for inexperienced users because it requires no fancy toolkits and mounting gears for installation. Also, the product includes a detailed instruction manual that will guide you more about the installation and detachment of this user-friendly rack.

In addition, when buying the bike rack, you need to consider the security system because none of us are ready to take risks for your bike. Considering that, the Kuat is my top preference for its integrated bike lock that keeps your bike in place and reduces the risk of any accidental happenings. The Kuat bike rack is capable of holding up to two bikes or cycles easily and carrying them with utmost stability and a non-wobbling system.

What I liked

  • Can hold two bikes
  • Robust construction
  • Resilient

What I didn’t like

  • Time-taking loading and unloading

Why I Recommended Kuat Bike Rack

In conclusion, the Kuat bike rack is capable enough to hold up to two bikes without wobbling and provides a stable experience. It offers tool-free installation which makes it best suited for beginners.

2. Thule Bike Hitch Rack

Premium Pick

Thule Bike Hitch Rack



  • Premium quality
  • Safe for bikes
  • Attach quickly

Thule is among the popular brands in the vehicle accessories industry and the company has a strong grip over bike hitch racks. As a long-term user, I have been a trustable customer of Thule for their product’s excellence and affordability. This Thule bike rack is made of metal material that stands stiff against external impact factors like weathering, dust, corrosion, and more and offers a stable bike lifting experience. Metal construction is always preferred because of its robustness and durability.

The Thule premium bike rack can hold two bikes at a time and it is compatible with up to two inches hitches. It has a load capacity of 75 lbs., which is quite impressive, especially for travelers. In other words, you can also hang your luggage or traveling essentials with this rack with convenience. I love this bike rack for its compatibility as it works well with all bike sizes and types including electronic bikes, motorbikes, foldable bikes, and more.

When buying the best bike rack, you need to consider the structure as it determines how easy or hard it would be to install or detach it from the hitch. Likewise, the Thule bike rack comes in a foldable design that adds maneuverability and storage ease, and when mounted it has a tilted structure that allows you to hand the bike onto it without putting any additional effort. Shortly, I must say the setup is quite convenient and its tool-free installation makes this product worthwhile.

What I liked

  • Quick setup
  • Foldable design
  • Safe and secure

What I didn’t like

  • Expensive

Why I Recommended Thule Bike Hitch Rack

In a few words, the Thule bike racks come with folding arms to offer excellent maneuverability and storage. It is the best choice for travelers because of its quick setup that saves you time and effort. There is no need to worry about your bikes’ safety when you have loaded them on the Thule rack.

3. Leader Accessories Bike Rack

Top Pick

Leader Accessories Bike Rack



  • Branded
  • Quick assembly
  • Wide compatibility

Next on the list is the Leader Accessories bike rack! This bike rack comes in a special tray-style structure that acts like a carrier and it aims to add ease of use to novices. Lifting a bike onto the rack is no more a hassle with this innovative tray-like bike rack. Over that, it comes in an already assembled design that requires only a few adjustments and you’re done. There is no need to go through the hectic ways, all thanks to the quick and time-saving assemblage of the Leader Accessories bike rack.

When buying bike racks or any vehicle accessory, compatibility is something you cannot skip for the reason that incompatible or non-suitable products are of no use. In this sequence, you should rely on a product like Leader Accessories bike rack which shows wide compatibility.

This bike rack gets fit to almost all hitch frame sizes and goes perfectly with all SUVs including Volvo XC90. All credit goes to its versatile frame adapter that supports all hitches and vehicles.

Moreover, the safety of your cycle of bike matters a lot as none of us is ready to afford such a loss. Therefore, you should get a reliable bike rack like Leader Accessories that offers an anti-wobble system and locks your bike securely without any risk.

In other words, this bike rack has a special locking hitch pin that makes sure to transport the bike safely. For extra safety, a reflector is also added to this bike rack to improve the vision, especially during the night.

What I liked

  • Tilt-back design
  • Non-wobbling
  • Safety reflector included

What I didn’t like

  • Hook quality needs improvement

Why I Recommended Leader Accessories Bike Rack

The leader accessories bike rack is a popular product in the market that stands out for its special tilt-back design that facilitates you with utmost convenience. This bike rack is a non-wobbling, highly stable, safe, and user-friendly option in today’s market.

4. WEIZE Hitch Bike Rack

Best Seller

WEIZE Hitch Bike Rack



  • Metal construction
  • Fuel-efficient
  • Anti-scratch design

The WEIZE bike rack is a perfect combination of durability and affordability. It is made of high-quality alloy steel that possesses numerous qualities including rust-resistance, water tolerance, temperature resistance, rigidity, stability, rust-proofness, and more. Alloy steel is also lightweight, easy to manage, effortless to clean and handle, and comparatively low price than other metals, so if you’re a bit tight on budget and want a metal bike rack, there is no better choice than this steel-made WEIZE bike rack.

When you attach extra weight to your vehicle, it consumes more energy and fuel to move forwards. Bikes are pretty heavy and demand extra fuel for transportation, but with the ideal bike carrying rack, you can reduce fuel consumption. The WEIZE bike rack is among the most fuel-efficient options on this list that will lower the overall rate and give you an affordable bike transportation experience. If you’ve already used a bike rack before, you’ll see a major change in fuel economy after switching to WEIZE.

Aside from that, the WEIZE bike rack is among the most versatile options on this list. It gets adjusted to the rear side of your vehicle with ease and its tilt-back design allows you to hand the bike onto this rack with ease.

It is capable of carrying one or two bikes at a time and when you’re not using this rack, you can simply fold it up and secure it in your car’s trunk. In short, it has a foldable and easily manageable design which will add unbeatable convenience to your bike transportation experience.

What I liked

  • Long-lasting
  • Convenient
  • Compatible

What I didn’t like

  • A bit wobbling

Why I Recommended WEIZE Hitch Bike Rack

In short, the WEIZE hitch bike rack has gained an excellent market reputation for its long-lasting build quality, convenient design, wide compatibility, and more. This product includes a one-year inclusive warranty that allows you to make a safe purchase.

5. Allen Sports 2-Bike Hitch Rack

Heavy Duty

Allen Sports 2-Bike Hitch Rack



  • Easy loading
  • Universal fit
  • Folds up design

Then comes the Allen Sports bike rack! This rack stands out for its easiest loading and unloading. As an inexperienced person, you must be a little afraid of hanging your precious bike onto the rack because of fear of falling or any sort of loss. But with the Allen Sports rack, there is no need to worry about your bike’s safety, mounting, or loading and unloading because this rack features an effortless setup and tilt-back design.

To end up with a picture-perfect bike rack, you need to check the compatibility, dimensions, and much more which becomes a hassle at times. For that reason, Allen Sports manages to launch this universal bike rack which is suitable for all two inches hitch receivers. Over that, it can hold up to two bikes at a time of any brand, size, or type. The overall carrying capacity of this rack is 70 lbs., which means 35 lbs. per bike.

If you’re not using the bike rack, you can fold it up and secure it in a safe place. It could be your car’s trunk, garage, cabinet, store, or wherever you want but make sure to keep the product in a dry place. The brand is also providing a warranty on this item to make you able for a safe purchase.

What I liked

  • Convenient
  • Ideal for novices
  • Rugged

What I didn’t like

  • Warranty issues

Why I Recommended Allen Sports 2-Bike Hitch Rack

The Allen Sports bike rack requires simple assemblage with no fancy toolkits. Its tray-like design has made loading and unloading bikes effortless even for inexperienced users. I love the sleek and lightweight design of this rack; however, its compactness has nothing to do with the strength as this Allen Sports bike rack is quite rugged.

6. Vibrelli Electric Bike Rack

Budget Friendly

Vibrelli Electric Bike Rack



  • Best for e-bikes
  • Convenient setup
  • Lok security

Last but certainly not least, we have the Vibrelli bike rack! This rack is designed for transporting electronic bikes and it can hold up to two bikes at a time. The total weightlifting capacity of this rack is around 130 lbs., which is pretty impressive. It is compatible with SUVs as well as cars, all with two inches hitches, so you don’t need to worry about suitability.

The Vibrelli rack comes in a tilt-down design that features effortless and smooth bike loading and unloading. Once you’re done with the transportation, you can fold up this rack with straps and place it in compact spaces. So the entire setup and everything is super smooth and friendly with the Vibrelli bike rack.

Additionally, it has an innovative triple lock security system that is composed of three locking mechanisms that aim to keep your bike or cycle super safe. The security straps of this rack hold the bike firmly and make sure to avoid any sort of accidental happening and give you a worry-free experience. However, it is suggested to skim through the manufacturer’s manual at least once to avoid any mounting mistakes.

What I liked

  • Highly stable
  • Guaranteed product
  • Triple lock reliable security system

What I didn’t like

  • Only suitable for e-bikes

Why I Recommended Vibrelli Electric Bike Rack

The Vibrelli bike rack is among my favorite picks for its unique triple lock security system that makes sure to hold the bike without any risk. This product is best suited for its excellent stability, convenient design, and considerable build quality.

FAQs about Volvo Bike Racks

Are Volvo bike racks made by Thule?

Yes! Thule is a promising brand in the vehicle accessories market and the company has a strong grip over bike racks. In this article, I have shared my favorite Thule bike rack which comes with folding arms and offers excellent maneuverability and storage. It is the best choice for travelers because of its quick setup that saves you time and effort. There is no need to worry about your bikes’ safety when you have loaded them on the Thule rack.

What kind of bike rack is easiest to use?

In my opinion, the bike racks which offer tool-free installation are easy for beginners because these racks save you from hassling mounting procedures. As far as ease of use is concerned, you should rely on a lightweight, compact, and foldable bike rack to experience unbeatable convenience.

Do you need a hitch for a bike rack on SUV?

Yes! A carrier hitch is required to mount a bike rack for SUVs, minivans, trucks, or other heavy-duty vehicles. Hitches also help in towing the vehicle from unfavorable conditions and make off-roading and other adventurous activities effortless and safe.

Concluding Volvo XC90 Bike Racks Review

The bike racks aim to make the transportation of bikes effortless, safe, and smooth. Volvo XC90 is a popular and terrific SUV these days, mostly owned by travelers and off-roaders for traveling to amusing sites with their families and friends and enjoying activities like swimming, cycling, skating, and kayaking.

For that reason, you need to carry kayaks, bikes, cycles, and more on your Volvo which can only be possible with these bike racks:

  • Kuat bike rack for its excellent construction, extreme resistance, tool-free installation, and promising weight-carrying capacity.

  • Thule bike rack for its premium quality, exceptional safety, quick installation, and foldable design.

When buying the best bike rack for Volvo xc90, you need to consider various factors like compatibility, installation type, locking mechanism, design, maneuverability, price, and warranty. I have used the above-mentioned products and have reviewed them in an unsponsored manner for your ease. Feel free to skim through this article and get the best bike transporter!

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