Testicle Pain After Cycling: Reasons, Preventions and Treatment

Most of the people love cycling because it is a means of both transportation and exercise. The trend of cycling is increasing day by day, not only in children but in adults too. However, apart from the advantages of cycling, there are also few disadvantages of cycling which includes testicle pain after cycling. Cycling can put men into different problems and testicle pain is one of the root causes.

Those men who do bike riding on a regular basis at high bike pace, the pain increases in those men testicles gradually, which results not only in their personal lives but also affects their lifestyle as well. Meanwhile, knee and back pain are common among cyclists.

Undoubtedly, people mostly don’t pay attention that cycling can also cause an impact on male sexual performance. In this article, I will discuss in detail the reasons that cause testicle pain in men, its prevention, and treatment.

Misconceptions Related to Testicle Pain After Cycling

Testicle Pain After Cycling

In the past, it was widely believed that cycling was one of the reasons behind infertility in men. Therefore, most of the men were steered away from the road, cycling, or gym as well.

However, some of the studies may confirm that cycling can cause impotence in men. On the other hand, many studies don’t match with this perception.

Furthermore, with the right riding clothing and position, a rider doesn’t need to worry about testicles. Some bike riders also have reported that their balls hurt after riding a bike. Undoubtedly, it is because of lack of awareness and poor saddle position that may lead to testicular pain after bike ride.

Reasons of Testicle Pain After Cycling

Following are the reasons which leads to testicle pain after cycling.

Reasons of Testicle Pain After Cycling

1. Trauma

Trauma is one of the reasons which can cause testicle pain. Although, it is common mostly in mountain bikers. A bike accident or a bumpy MTB ride can cause testicle pain or sometimes injury in the testicles.

Testicular injury or trauma occurs when you have been in an accident and your testicles get bruised or crushed. However, if that happens the blood leaks direct into the scrotum, which results in swelling of the scrotum region.

In extreme cases surgery is also needed. If the pain is not serious, it can be easily recovered by pain medication or athletic cup.

2. Testicle Pain due to Tight Pants

Some people also reported testicle pain and discomfort due to wearing tight pants. However, there is no evidence which confirms testicle pain due to cycling, but some cyclists claim their balls hurt after biking.

Usually, tight pants create discomfort which may be difficult for some cyclists to paddle and might create pain in their testicle.

3. Poor Saddle Position

Poor saddle position is one of the reasons for testicle pain. A cyclist may feel uncomfortable due to the wrong position of the saddle.

Therefore, a saddle that is too low or high can lead to pain or burning sensation in the testicles. This condition is known as Pudendal Neuralgia.

Some cyclists have also reported ball pain after cycling. Undoubtedly, saddle position is also important during cycling.

4. Fluid Accumulation in the Testes

Some cyclists also experience fluid accumulation in their testes. However, it happens when cyclists are not riding in the right position. It results in fluid accumulation in their testes and creates other problems like hydroceles, varicoceles and spermatoceles.

Therefore, it happens when defective valves in the veins do not get enough flow of blood in the testicles causing enlarge veins and fluid accumulation in the testes.

5. Testicular Torsion after Cycling

Some cyclists have also reported testicle pain caused by testicular torsion. However, it happens when the testicle rotates around the scrotum resulting in pain in the testicle.

Therefore, some cyclists have also reported that their balls feel like they are on fire after cycling. Those cyclists who experience such issues are recommended to visit a nearby hospital when these problems arise. Also read a detailed answer to Is cycling good for SI joint pain.

Preventions to Avoid Testicle Pain Caused by Cycling

Preventions to Avoid Testicle Pain Caused by Cycling

Following are some of the preventions which can be taken in order to avoid testicle pain:

1. Wear Padded Shorts

Those cyclists who are fond of cycling are recommended to wear padded shorts. Those cyclists who wear padded shorts can protect their private region. Therefore, cyclists need to wear those garments which suit them for bicycling.

2. Standing out of the Saddle

Standing out of the saddle is also considered one of the preventions that can prevent pain in the testicles. Therefore, when a cyclist does this, the blood flows in the genitalia in a perfect manner and the chance of having testicle pain would be less.

3. Avoiding Bumpy Roads

One of the main reasons for testicle pain is due to not avoiding bumpy roads. Therefore, cyclists need to avoid bumpy or rough roads which cause jerks and then resulting in testicle pain. However, alternate routes can be taken in order to enjoy a comfortable journey.

4. Right saddle for the Bike

If the cyclist wants to ride a bike without any difficulties or any other problems. Therefore, it is important that the cyclist must check whether the saddle is in the right position or not.

Meanwhile, an uncomfortable seat causes pain in the genitalia. However, a proper seat helps the cyclist to sit comfortably on the bike.

5. Putting Cushion or Thick Cloth

In order to make your seat more comfortable, some cyclists also prefer to put a soft cushion or a thick cloth to protect their testicles for long routes. Along with the right position of the saddle, using a thick cloth or cushion on the saddle can also make your long routes more relaxed.

Treatment of Testicular Pain after Bike Riding

Following are some of the home remedies that can be used in order to avoid testicle pain after cycling:

Treatment of Testicular Pain After Bike Riding

1. Using a Warm Cloth

It is also observed if there is acute pain in the affected area, the warm cloth gives relief from the pain. Furthermore, warm cloth helps to flow the blood in the genitalia and gives relief from the pain.

2. Rubbing Ice

If there is pain or soreness in the genitalia, rubbing ice can also overcome the problem. However, if the ice is rubbed immediately on the affected area, it can give a cooling effect.

3. Taking Warm Bath

Doctors have suggested sitting for about 20 minutes in the warm tub can actually give relaxation from testicle pain. However, a warm bath acts as an anti-inflammatory medication that helps to soothe the affected area.

4. Rest

If you are suffering from testicle pain after cycling. So, it is recommended not to exercise or lift heavy objects. It is better not to overwork and rest as much as possible.

5. Consulting a Doctor

If above-mentioned remedies don’t work then it is recommended to consult a good doctor as soon as possible. Thus, a doctor may examine the affected area and might ask the past history in order to identify the cause.

FAQS about Testicle Pain While Cycling

Can cycling cause testicular pain?

Those cyclists who do cycling regularly have higher chances of testicle pain and related problems. Mostly, it is caused by pressure against the saddle. If the saddle is in the right position. This problem can be solved.

How to avoid testicular torsion caused from cycling?

Testicular torsion can also result due to cycling. However, it can be prevented if the seat of the bike is properly adjusted. It not only protects your testicles but also reduces hip, back, and knee pain.

How to protect testicles from cycling?

The testicles can be protected by choosing the right saddle for your bike. You can also put a soft cushion or thick cloth to overcome this issue.

Why do my balls hurt after cycling?

Well, there are plenty of reasons that can hurt your balls after cycling. Some of the reasons include not wearing padded shorts, poor saddle position and using rough terrain for cycling.

Can cycling cause testicular problems?

Yes, if it is done on a regular basis so it might cause testicular problems. However, these problems can be prevented if precautions are taken.

Final Thoughts about Cycling Testicle Pain

Cycling is considered to be one of the best practices because it is also good for our health. Similarly, if cycling is not done in the right position, it causes problems like testicle pain. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the seat of the bicycle is comfortable with a good saddle.

Testicular pain can also be prevented by using simple home remedies. If it is not cured, then it is recommended to consult a doctor immediately. However, your problem of testicle pain can be solved when it is done carefully.

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