Best Bike Maintenance Books For Cycling Enthusiasts

Instead of wasting my time and money at the mechanic for small bike-related problems such as a flat tire, I thought why not learn these little things myself by getting a mountain bike repair book?

This would not only save me money but also help me out in emergencies when there is no nearby bike repair shop. You might ask why not take help from YouTube than purchase a whole book. Here’s the thing, the way a book has an in-depth explanation for every issue will not be available on YouTube.

So, after trying out various bicycle maintenance books, I am here to give detailed reviews on the three best bike maintenance books. If you are someone who cannot figure out the best bike maintenance book on your own, keep reading to find out a book specifically for your bike type.

3 Best Bike Maintenance Book For Biking Enthusiasts Review

Best Bike Maintenance Books For Cycling Enthusiasts
Featured Image: Best Bike Maintenance Book For Biking Enthusiasts

1. Zinn & The Art of MTB Maintenance – Best Cycling Book

Best Overall

Best Cycling Book - Zinn & The Art of MTB Maintenance



  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 504 pages

Lennard Zinn who has experience in riding and fixing bikes for 50 years has written this mountain bike maintenance book. He has also written maintenance books that are specific to other types of bikes.

This book has the solution to every bike-related problem ranging from basic to difficult ones by providing you with illustrations that you can read even in a dimly-lit workshop or garage. You can also have a history of mountain biking.


  • Great for professional maintainers
  • Helpful for all basic problems
  • Saves you a lot of money by making you do the maintenance yourself
  • A detailed book
  • It also explains how to keep a bike in shape before and after every ride and when not in use


  • Does not contain content for some current bike models
  • Only has drawings and no photographs

Why Consider Zinn & The Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance Book

This book will not only provide you with detailed instructions on how to do repairs but will also help you with emergency repairs when you have limited tools or no replacement parts. The best part about this book is the troubleshooting charts that give a quick and easy way to diagnose specific bike problems.

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2. The Bicycling by Todd Downs – Bicycle Maintenance and Repair Book

Premium Pick

The Bicycling by Todd Downs - Bicycle Maintenance and Repair Book



  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 416 pages

Todd Downs’s book on bicycle maintenance includes about 40 drawings and 450 photographs that give a clear idea of every repair. The author is self-taught and in this field since 1989. This is the best bicycle repair book for beginners.


  • Useful and detailed information
  • Current and complete data
  • Useful for both road and mountain bikes, so you do not have to purchase separately for every bike
  • Affordable book
  • Both amateur and professional bikers can use it


  • The lack of annotated graphics makes some things difficult to understand
  • Images inside the book are of poor quality

Why Consider Todd Downs Bicycling Maintenance and Repair Book

Apart from the detailed explanation, the best part of this book is that it also contains the websites and contact numbers of bicycle and parts manufacturers, so that you can get your hands on the best biking gear available out there. Besides, you can find information regarding component kits and carbon fork specifications in the latest edition. You may also want to know how does a Schrader valve work

3. Jason Sumner Bicycling Book for Road Cycling Skills

Top Pick

Jason Sumner Bicycling Book for Road Cycling Skills



  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 224 pages

Jason Sumner who is an avid cyclist has been writing about bicycles since 1999. He took part in Olympic Games and other international cycling events. This book takes the cycling skills of a rider to the next level by teaching you the latest techniques and skills.


  • Helpful for all levels of riders
  • Available in kindle version, so you can read it on any device
  • Well-written content
  • Useful in training from the basics


  • Not for beginner riders
  • The book lacks a detailed and in-depth explanation

Why Consider Jason Sumner Road Bike Book

In addition to cutting-edge information on cycling technology, this book will also guide you with nutrition and supplementation, safety, riding techniques, training, and performance. Besides, the author has also added tips from different coaches, experts, and professional cyclists that would make sure you ride longer, stronger, faster, and safer. Also read about brake fluid for mountain bikes.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What maintenance should I do on my bike?

To keep your bike as good as new, you need to keep it clean all the time. Keep the drivetrain lubricated and all the nuts, screws, and bolts tightened. Look for flat tires and ensure the brake pads are not worn out. Learn how to fix a flat tire, so you can do it yourself when needed. On top of all this, service your bike every season.

How much should I spend on bike maintenance?

For the maintenance of a bike, the average cost ranges from $60 to $150. However, the total cost of maintenance for your bike will depend on the maintenance needs. If there is a need for a basic tune-up, it will cost you $60. But, if your bike requires a major tune-up, the cost for that can be $100-$150.

What is the best bicycle repair manual?

The best mountain bike maintenance book 2022 is surely Zinn & the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance by Lennard Zinn as it covers solutions from the most basic to the most complicated issues. But, if you are particularly looking for a road bike maintenance book, then check out Zinn and the Art of Road Bike Maintenance.

How often should I maintain my bike?

The recommended time for servicing your bike is after every 12 months along with a minor checkup by the end of each season. However, it also depends on the time you spend riding and the conditions you are riding in. If you use your bike more and on tough terrains with mud and dust, this simply means more frequent servicing.

Final Thoughts

Bike maintenance is an essential part of bicycle riding and it does not matter if you ride regularly or go out on the trails once a couple of months, keeping your bike maintained all the time will keep you safe and prevent you from spending a lot.

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