Best Bicycle Seats for SI Joint Pain

Cycling while experiencing SI joint pain can be excruciatingly uncomfortable, especially when your bike seat exacerbates the pain rather than alleviating it. I personally went through this trauma some time ago, attempting various exercises in hopes of finding relief from sacroiliac pain, but unfortunately, none of them proved effective.

However, upon discovering that the root cause was my seat, I immediately replaced it with a more ergonomically designed bike seat that prioritized my comfort. So, if you are also tired of coming home after cycling with severe pain in your back and want to get the cycling seat for SI joint pain, I’ve got you covered.

Also, no need to worry if you have a tight budget as you will get to know the affordable bike seats for SI joint pain out there. The three best bicycle seats for Si joint pain as follows!

3 Best Bicycle Seats for SI Joint Pain Review

Best Bicycle Seats for SI Joint Pain
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Before delving into the review of the 3 best bicycle seats for SI joint pain, it’s important to acknowledge the significance of finding a seat that prioritizes comfort and alleviates the discomfort associated with sacroiliac pain. SI joint pain can severely ruin rider’s cycling experience, making it crucial to invest in a seat that offers optimal support and reduces strain on the affected area.

By considering key factors such as design, cushioning, and adjustability, these recommended bicycle seats aim to provide much needed relief from Si joint pain, enabling individuals to enjoy cycling without exacerbating their SI joint pain. Let’s explore the top three seats for sacroiliac joint pain available on the market.

1. X WING Bike Seat for Si Joint Pain

Premium Pick

X WING Bike Seat for Si Joint Pain



  • Material : Polyurethane
  • Outer Material: Foam
  • Pad Type: ‎Foam Pad

X WING has created this comfortable bicycle seat by using high quality material. Their unique craftsmanship brings ease and comfort to every bike rider affected by Si Joint pain.

Likewise, the dual shock-absorbing steel spring coils below the seat absorb the shocks generated on rough tracks. In addition, the seat cushion has breathable leather, making it water-resistant, super soft, and slip-resistant.


  • It comes with the required hardware, making it easy to install and adjust
  • Applies no pressure on the tailbone
  • Has great support from behind and helps with an upright position
  • Suitable for heavy persons due to the large seat and sufficient padding


  • It will make your lower back hurt, especially on longer rides
  • It is uncomfortable for men

Why You Should Consider X WING Bike Seat

If you are a female rider then this should be your go-to bike seat. However, men can also use it if they wear padded cycling pants while riding on this seat. What I like the most about this bike seat is the safety it provides for someone who likes to ride in the dark. Although it is slightly expensive, it is worth every penny.

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2. YLG Comfort Bike Seat for Sacroiliac Pain

Top Pick

YLG Comfort Bike Seat for Sacroiliac Pain



  • Material : Pvc leather
  • Outer Material: Gel, Foam, Leather
  • Pad Type: ‎Waterproof Pad

Moving towards my second bike seat recommendation for Si joint pain, the YLG oversized comfort bike seat has all the features any bike rider is looking for. The padding of YLG bike seat is of high density memory foam and gel, making it soft and shake proof.

In addition to its other remarkable features, the YLG bicycle seat boasts additional benefits that enhance its overall quality and durability. Notably, it is designed to be anti-scratch, preventing unsightly marks or damage from ruining its appearance over time.

Furthermore, the seat is non-slip, ensuring a secure and stable bike riding experience, even in wet or slippery conditions. Its wear-resistant properties contribute to its long-lasting performance, withstanding regular use and maintaining its functionality over an extended period.

It is worth highlighting that the seat is not only produced by YLG, but the company has also obtained a United States design patent certificate, attesting to the uniqueness and innovative design of this particular model.


  • Quite simple to install
  • Plenty of cushion for making your ride comfortable
  • No more sore muscles in the buttocks, legs, and wrists
  • The additional light is great for nighttime


  • You cannot use large saddle bags due to the large springs
  • This seat keeps on tilting in all directions as soon as you sit on it, so you have to keep yourself pushing back all the time

Why Consider YLG Comfort Bike Seat

I would say this is the best purchase for every bike rider because once you choose it, there is no need to get any other bicycle seat as it comes with an adapter that allows you to install it on different bikes. The unique part of YLG bike seat is the wing-like extra arc wide design to fit your hips with perfection.

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3. GREAN Comfortable Bike Seat Cushion

Best Overall

GREAN Comfortable Bike Seat Cushion



  • Material : Faux Leather
  • Outer Material: Foam,Leather
  • Pad Type: Waterproof Pad

The bike seat cushion from GREAN comes with two shock-absorbing balls underneath the seat. These balls result in a smooth ride over potholes, bumps, or uneven trails by absorbing the shocks produced.

Besides, the inside is padded with high-density memory foam while the outer surface is of leather that is non-slip and wear-resistant.


  • Both men and women bikers can use it
  • Won’t leave your bottom sore from frequent riding
  • It will not take more than 30 minutes of your time during the installation
  • Spread the pressure evenly and do not focus it on the tailbone only


  • Since the seat is wide, it can make your inner thighs rub against the sides of the seat

Why Consider GREAN Comfortable Bike Seat Cushion

This is by far the most comfortable bicycle seat for SI joint pain that allows you to ride for hours without any discomfort in your lower back. Also, the best part is that instead of purchasing a separate bike seat for different bikes, you can utilize it for almost all types of bikes including MTB, road bikes, electric bikes, and stationary bikes.

That’s all for our discussion on the best bicycle seat for SI joint pain. If you are interested in knowing more about SI joint pain, do not forget to give the following questions a read. You may also want to know: how long does it take to bike 10 miles

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best bike seat to cure SI joint pain?

In my opinion, the X WING bike seat stands out as the optimal choice for alleviating SI joint pain during cycling. However, it’s important to acknowledge that what works for others may not necessarily work for you. Therefore, selecting the best seat requires a thoughtful consideration of your specific requirements.

Can I bike while suffering from SI joint pain?

Taking a short bike ride of 30 minutes won’t hurt. In fact, cycling is a great exercise for SI joint pain because it increases the flow of blood to the affected area and will not put too much stress on the SI joint pain. However, you should not ride for longer as you might end up with more pain.

What is the best way to bike when you have SI joint pain?

For SI joint pain, you can try riding on a stationary bike. This would lessen your pain by increasing the blood flow to your lower back and hips. On the other hand, if you travel on a mountain or a road bike, this would put stress on the SI joint and thus enhance your pain.

Concluding Bicycle Seats for SI Joint Pain Review

SI joint pain is not permanent if dealt with care. Apart from investing in a comfortable and supportive bicycle seat, you can handle this pain by taking breaks in between bike riding. This would keep your body fully rested and relieve the pain. Also, do not forget to wear protective MTB gear such as MTB gloves, MTB elbow pads and a cycling helmet whenever going for a ride.

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